Headshot of Dave Kasarda, Chief Executive Officer
Dave Kasarda

CEO/ Executive Director [email protected]

headshot of Suzanne Radzik, CFO
Suzanne Versteeg-Radzik

Chief Operating Officer [email protected]

headshot of Shannon Spratley, Chief Operating Officer
Shannon Spratley

CEO/ Executive Director [email protected]

headshot of carla patino, membership director
Carla Patino

Membership Director [email protected]

headshot of Melissa Griffith, the early childhood director
Melissa Griffith

Early Childhood Director [email protected]

Headshot of megan mussche, marketing director
Megan Mussche

Marketing Director [email protected]

headshot of cylie miller, admin services director
Cylie Miller

Admin Services Director [email protected]

headshot of lisa stojanovich, youth program director
Lisa Stojanovich

Youth Development Director [email protected]

headshot of jill catherman, healthy living coordinator
Jill Catherman

Healthy Living Coordinator [email protected]

headshot of Joann Abegg, membership coordinator
Joann Abegg

Membership Coordinator [email protected]

headshot of nancy zlamal, senior center coordinator
Nancy Zlamal

Senior Center Coordinator [email protected]